Back to Bootcamp

At the beginning of the summer, I had great ambitions of going to Boot Camp at my gym every day. However, the class I wanted is only offered three mornings per week, which sounded WAY more doable. Who in the world can’t make it to an 8am Boot Camp class when they’re not working all summer? Um, me.

The first time I went, the class felt SO GOOD while I was doing it, but I was seriously immobilized for DAYS afterwards. I was sooooo sore. So it’s been hard to find the motivation to go back. Because also I sleep until 9am in the summers, which I forgot when I made my lofty goal.

But no more excuses. I weighed myself yesterday and was up to my UW (Unacceptable Weight), so I need to get back in business. I set an alarm and made it today. Yay! And luckily it was a different teacher so I’m hoping I won’t be so sore. It seemed a little easier.

After Boot Camp I felt like I could run a few miles so I went home and got my daughter to come along.


She rode her bike and I ran – a slow, clompy 3 miles. Man, I can sure feel it in my body and my gait when I gain a few pounds. 😦

I signed up for a 10K in two weeks, so hopefully that’ll get my booty back in gear! Fingers crossed that my lame foot soreness stays under control.

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