You Do What You Can


Whenever we come to the lake, I find it hard to squeeze in exercise. But on the tail end of an indulgent girls’ weekend, I needed to.

Tonight was absolutely gorgeous and sunny, so after the kids were in bed, I headed out to row on the lake. My dad used to have to row around the lake each morning before playing, in the same dinged-up, mint-green aluminum rowboat that currently holds such a special place in my heart.

Rowing (the way I am currently doing it), is not the best workout, but it’s one of the rare forms of exercise that I feel completely safe doing by myself outside after the kids go to bed, and more importantly, it’s something, you know? I’m telling my body and my mind that we’re still moving forward here, even though we are at the cabin. It’s not the most efficient form of cardio or anything, but it’s a way to move and keep my priorities in mind. It’s also relaxing, and the view of this lake just calms me.


As I came up to dock the boat, I even saw this sweet little family of a mama loon and her two babies! Sorry for the poor picture quality – didn’t want to get too close and spook them.


As I was leaving tonight, my oldest sleepily asked where I was going and I told her out for a row. “You just want to get in some exercise?” she asked. And I know it’s a small thing, but it made me happy that she recognizes that effort, and I hope that she is internalizing it – that it doesn’t always have to be a major effort. That sometimes, after a full day of work, or a fun weekend with girlfriends, sometimes you just sneak in the exercise however it might look.

And tonight it sure looked beautiful.


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