Alaskan Adventures – Independence Mine

We are doing horribly at our weekly hikes. But on a recent rainy day, I insisted we check out a new area in hopes that maybe someday in the future we could hike there. And it was amazing. So I’m going to count it as a Family Hike, even though we didn’t do any hiking. Don’t tell.

One of my favorite opportunities that comes with this blog is that I can share with you our many Alaskan Adventures, and show off this beautiful state we live in. We get LOTS of questions about how we can live up here (especially from people who know that I am completely averse to the cold), but hopefully when I share our adventures, you can see why we make it work – and even love it!

Friday it was supposed to rain all day, and when I woke up, the day was already keeping its promise. By 10am my kids were bouncing off the walls, and James and I agreed it would be the perfect day to get out and do some exploring around the cabin. So I dragged my kids out of the nice cozy loft, slapped some rain gear on them, and off we went to check out a new place. We drove through Hatcher Pass (AMAZING!) and stopped at Independence Mine, an old mining camp way up in the mountain.

Here they are getting started… ready to explore! Ready for a fun fact about Alaskans? They don’t use umbrellas. We are nearly always the only ones with umbrellas when we bust them out. In fact, even though it was raining steadily on this day, we were the only ones there with umbrellas. One lady looked at us and said out loud, “Umbrellas! What a good idea! I didn’t even think of that!” This is at the front of the mine, and you can see the various buildings around the camp.


These old mining ruins struck me as so hauntingly beautiful, with the fog and the rain and the contrast with the green hills. Everyone else was walking around learning about the mine, and I was taking five thousand pictures of the broken-down part, like a crazy person. But I mean seriously….














These guys had so much fun just wandering, exploring, and throwing rocks in the the stream. Why do I make their lives any more complicated than that?


IMG_3313 IMG_3315

Perfect day for a new adventure.

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