Race Report – Alaska 10K Classic

In the interest of full disclosure, I began to consider this race because I love their logo and I wanted a shirt. Priorities, right? Then, as summer moved along and I gained some summer vacation weight, I knew it would be the perfect thing to get me out and moving. With a 5K, I could skip lots of runs and still have a decent experience, but a 10K takes some actual dedication. I was at our cabin for two weeks prior to the run, and needed something to keep me exercising while I was there, instead of just eating! Plus, this race has root beer floats afterwards, and proceeds go to Special Olympics. A trifecta!

I had gone on an overnight Girl Scout trip with my daughter on Thursday and Friday, so I wasn’t sure how my body was going to be feeling after two days of my sleeping and eating being on someone else’s agenda, but I felt okay. 

After much ridiculous agonizing over whether or not to carry my iPhone, and whether or not to wear sunglasses, (yes to both), the race began! I decided to just ignore my Garmin and do whatever felt good. I had done 5 miles a few times in training, but realized later that I hadn’t done more than that since my last half-marathon, which was in 2011! So I wanted to just sort of go easy and do my thing, and not worry about whether my pace was “too fast” or “too slow.” I just ran what felt good to me, which is (sadly) hard for me to do.

I ended with about an overall 9:30 pace, and came in under my goal of an hour, with a chip time of 59:45. Woo hoo! This is definitely a race I’ll do again next year, and I think my time can improve for sure. It was Alaska’s version of HOT at this race (probably 70 degrees?) and I could feel it impacting me. But it was a great distance (not sure if I’ve ever done a 10K), and I’m looking forward to trying to beat my time next year!

IMG_3543And then we spent the rest of the day outside, doing things like this… (yes that’s my daughter wearing a skirt at the beach. I don’t know.)


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