Running in the Rain!

Okay, so I am actually like the BIGGEST wimp when it comes to exercising outside. When I lived in California, everyone made fun of me because unless it was between like 75-85 degrees outside, I refused to run because it was either too hot or too cold.

So I’ve come a long way since moving to Alaska! I’ve run in all sorts of weather that I never would’ve expected, but I still don’t run in the rain. But this morning I was itching to get a run in, and it was drizzling outside, but I figured… why not? If it was the morning of a race, I would still go, so why not a regular run?

And it was actually really nice and pleasant. Not all that cold, and not all that rainy! The fresh air smelled great, and I was nice and cool the whole time. Ran about 3.25 at my trusty 9:30 pace. Looking forward to more runs in the rain, and I can’t believe I’ve been so wimpy about it up until now!


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