WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer Review! And a family bike ride…

Note: This review is merely information I want to share with my readers about a family fitness product we purchased. No compensation or affiliate links involved!

IMG_3692Now that my kids are older, it’s so fun to go out together as a family on a walk or a bike ride. However, my youngest is several years younger than my two older kids, so she really has a hard time keeping up. I saw several people here in Anchorage using this WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer, and after some Google investigation to figure out what it was, thought it might be exactly what we needed!

So what is it all about? It’s a bike trailer that attaches to an adult bike. Kids can either pedal or not pedal – I can definitely feel it when my kids are pedaling, but it doesn’t really make it more difficult if they don’t. The kids have their own set of handlebars, but it doesn’t steer anything, it’s just for them to hold onto.

Right after it came in the mail, I tried it out on our street with my three kids and three cousins, ranging from a very small 5-year-old to a very small 11-year-old, who are all between 35-60 pounds. They were all able to ride with me, though my youngest daughter is too little to pedal. We were thinking of purchasing pedal extenders for her, but she can just hold her feet on the pedals instead of pedaling and that works fine. Although I always felt a little wobbly right when I started out, I quickly balanced and felt very steady the whole time I had the kids on the trailer. It’s a nice, quiet way to have some one-on-one conversation time while still getting some exercise time in. Even our little practice rides down the street were so much fun! The kids were all a little nervous about falling over at first, but after they got used to it, they were begging for more turns!

Finally after a few weeks of rain, we were able to take it out tonight for our first real family ride, down to our local ice cream shop.

Getting ready to head out… Don’t worry, my son did not immediately ride his bike down our very steep driveway like it looks like he is about to. We walked the bikes.

IMG_3696On our way. Look at that beautiful sky. Oh, Alaska. Please make every summer night like this.

IMG_3698After all of my kids ditched their ice cream cones to steal bites of my milkshake, we were headed back home!   IMG_3700All in all, it was a great night. Even though the ice cream shop is only a little over a mile away, we had never attempted it with bikes before. It went great, and Claire loved her new wheels!

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2 Responses to WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer Review! And a family bike ride…

  1. medz says:

    i’m just 5 feet tall. do you think I can install this weeride to my bike seat that’s too low?


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