Don’t Let Pride Lead to Puke

That’s my lesson for the day. School starts again this week, and I’m back to my early morning workouts (more on that later). Today my best workout buddy (my aunt) and I started with our first morning run of the school year. I was worried about being cold, but by the end of the run I was in my short-sleeved shirt – at 7am in Alaska! That’s pretty amazing.

The weather was gorgeous, but my perky aunt was setting a brisk pace. We usually run at about a 9:30 mile, and I don’t know if she was going faster, or if I was just dragging, but it was a rough one for me this morning. She asked if the pace was okay, and what did I say? “Yeah, it’s fine!” And then I almost threw up after our run. Awesome. Why did I say the pace was fine when it wasn’t? Just pride, I guess. I run a lot more frequently than she does, so in my head, if she was fine running a 9:15 pace, then I should have been too. Ridiculous, I know. And I didn’t feel that great all morning because of it.

This is me, happy about the weather but annoyed with my run and my attitude.

IMG_3767Ahhhh, a happier picture. Doesn’t this shot of colorful new running shoes on the sunny grass just make you run all day long? Maybe I should print it out for motivation.

IMG_3768And now imagine a cute picture I took relaxing on our front porch by a patch of wildflowers before it was time to get ready for work. I took it for the blog just this morning, and one of my children somehow deleted it. But just use your imagination…. 🙂

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