Fitness Challenge Week 1

Happy to report that this newest fitness challenge seems to be working. I’m down 1.5 pounds this week and feeling good about things. I’ve been doing good with waking up early and exercising, although squeezing in workouts longer than 30 minutes remains a challenge. On Saturdays I usually get in an hour, but during the weekdays I carpool with a group of family members to the gym, and no one in the group is willing to get up earlier than we already do. I’m starting to face the fact that if I want to get more minutes of cardio in during the week that I’ll have to get up earlier and go by myself.

Not sure yet if I’m willing to take that step….

My other huge challenge is the meditation portion. When I tried to carve out time each day to meditate, I realized that I literally do not even have one minute a day when I am not with other people. I wake up and exercise, go to work (with my kids in the car), work all day in a shared classroom, return from work (with my kids in the car), do the evening thing with my family, and then hang out with my husband in the evenings until we both go to bed. The fact that I do not have even one minute to myself each day is kind of depressing to me, seriously.

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