Playground Challenge!

One of my favorite things about Alaska is the focus on play and recreation. We have so many amazing parks here, and every year the city renovates old parks and gives them a little facelift!

Tonight we had an unexpected bit of extra time, so we decided to go check out a few of them. One of them was kind of small, with a treehouse theme. It was fun, but not super amazing.


The other park, on the other hand, has two zip lines and an amazing rock wall structure. Coupled with bike trails, plenty of grass to run on, and a view of the ocean, it was the unanimous family favorite!

That’s a little view of the water you can see there through the trees….


Here’s a view of the whole playground – the green tracks on the far edge are the zip lines.


So proud of this little guy for conquering his fears. He broke his arm last summer on a rock wall, and he’s been a little nervous about them ever since. But tonight he was all over this one!


Here they go!

IMG_4033 IMG_4034 IMG_4036

So beautiful! I was kind of having a homesick day today, so this day was just what I needed to put myself back into the Alaska mindset.


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