Unexpectedly Sunny Saturday

Oh, I was dragging my feet this morning. Usually I can get up and just get my workout done, but it just looked so COLD outside, and I dreaded the thought of going to the gym. On Saturdays I really like to get in an hour workout, since that’s challenging to fit in during the week between my schedule and the kids’, but today the prospect of an hour in the gym was just depressing to me. The clouds were supposed to clear, so I waited and waited, but no dice.

Finally, a mere FOUR short hours after I put on my workout clothes, I headed to the gym, finally resigned to the fact that the dark gray clouds were not going to go away. I decided to do what I call Cardio Sampler, which is 15 minutes on 4 different cardio machines. I started with a bike and an issue of People magazine, and ended up just spending 30 minutes on the bike. I was feeling really good, and enjoying my magazine, so I just stayed put. Then I switched to the treadmill, and did another 30 minutes there.

I felt amazing. And I don’t understand it. Earlier this week I was struggling to even run at a 6.3 on the treadmill (9:30/mile), and today I did all my miles at a 6.5 (9:13/mile), and felt great, AFTER 8 miles on the bike! I wish I knew where the great runs came from, and how to channel that energy all the time.

And of course when I came out of the gym it was sunny and beautiful. Of course.


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