Back in the Saddle

I’ve been lacking in motivation lately. I had some nagging foot/Achilles/heel/everything issues over the summer, so I’ve been on a break from running. It’s been too rainy and cold for me to do much outside, and no snow for skiing yet, so I’ve just been in a funk. I’ve been doing the bike at the gym and strength training videos at home and I am BORED.

Friday I decided it was time to start running again, and boy did it feel good. I tell people all the time that I don’t actually like running all that much, I just like how it burns calories so efficiently so I can eat more, but I guess I was wrong. My body and my spirit both missed running, and I didn’t realize that until I was back to it. I did 2.5 miles on Friday and 4 on Saturday, and they both felt soooo good. I love you, running.

One exciting event over the weekend is that I decided as a reward for working out regularly for a few years now (something I had previously struggled with for many years), I would buy myself a cute new storage container for my running clothes. I went from this broken down old cardboard box….

… to this cute new basket. Definite upgrade – makes me happy each time I look at it.

Tonight we went over to my aunt’s to pick crabapples. It’s a yearly tradition that we raid her tree and then cozy up inside for hot chocolate, and then my husband makes apple butter and apple jam which we then share with my aunt. This year it actually wasn’t horribly cold, and we haven’t had a cold freeze yet so the apples were in great shape. My kids LOVE picking the apples (and pelting each other), and I love watching them hang out with my aunt, uncle, and grandma. Family is the best.






Parting thought for the week – trying to decide whether to go with a personal trainer or swimming lessons to shake up my workout routine a little. Anyone had experience with either one?

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