Work Wins


Good morning from Alaska! This was my view from my backyard this morning. Love it.

This week I squeezed in a couple of workouts, and dropped a couple of workouts. As a teacher, the end of the quarter is a crazy busy time, and I had to give myself a break. I was able to get about six hours of work in on Saturday, which felt bittersweet. I was so happy to get it out of the way so that next week can feel more relaxed, but it’s hard to give up that time on Saturdays. I truly think that flexibility is the key to balancing work, exercise, and parenthood though. As much as I would love to get all my workouts in, the truth is that sometimes other things have to take priority, and this was one of those weeks. I was getting crazed and stressed, and decided to drop a few morning workouts, get some additional sleep, and see if I could return to normal and get a grip on my workload.

I did make time on Saturday to start our parent/kid dates again. This little cutie asked me if we could go to Barnes & Noble and read books in the cafe. She knows the way to my heart, for sure. How could I say no to that?


This week in workouts:
*I tried walking on an incline at the gym for the first time. Way harder than I thought it would be.
*Did a couple of Tone It Up videos at home before work. I am telling you, those videos are deceptive. They don’t feel so bad while I’m doing them, and then I’m sore for DAYS. I did this one on Thursday, and I am still sore. For reals.

*On Friday night my kids wanted to go to the park. They’d had the day off of school and hung out at home all day, so they had a little bit of cabin fever. We bundled up (getting pretty cold here already) and went to a nearby school. We played tag as the sun was setting, and even though I’d been reluctant to take them, and super reluctant to play tag, I had so much fun. I could barely run since my legs were so sore from the dumb Tone It Up video, so the kids and I were pretty evenly matched in tag.


This coming week I’m being featured on the Moms Make It Work series – stay tuned!

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