Studs and Snow

So I’ve been feeling a little bit aimless lately in my workouts. I thought about registering for a 4K fun run this Saturday, but $30 seemed kind of pricey for a run that involved stopping to trick-or-treat every kilometer. I love candy and all, but if I’m just going out for a 2.5 mile recreational run, I could do that in my neighborhood, you know? Plus, in Alaska, weather in late October is always sort of a wild card.

As I’m agonizing over this decision to my husband, he can’t even wrap his mind around why I’m considering the 4K, which makes me really stop and think. Why am I even considering it? And I finally realize it’s because I want a goal. I want something to work towards, even if it’s a little race. And I get this little idea… the Turkey Trot.

When we lived in San Diego, our family did a 5K every Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful holiday tradition, and just a great way to start our Thanksgiving day. But since we’ve moved to Alaska, I’ve been too chicken to do a Thanksgiving run. Or really any run in the snow.

Many Alaskans stud their running shoes to make it easier to run without slipping and sliding. But here I am in my fifth winter, and even though I’ve been meaning to stud my shoes and run outside every year, I’ve never done it. So this is the year. The Turkey Trot is only a 5K, so the distance should be super doable, even though I haven’t been running a ton, and it actually ends inside (?!?), so I won’t instantaneously freeze upon finishing. The added challenge of getting me out there and running in the snow, getting my shoes studded, finding (maybe buying!!) an outfit for outdoor winter running, etc. should make it a fun new goal.

Runners in snowy climates – outdoors or indoors?

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2 Responses to Studs and Snow

  1. nonsequiturchica says:

    I love running in the winter time (I live in Chicago). Once you get going and aren’t freezing cold it is much more preferable to summer running!


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