A Wintry Walk


We had our first snowfall on Monday. 😦 It’s early, even for Alaska. Usually we don’t have snow on the ground that sticks until around Halloween. You can see the frost on the ground and the snow in the mountains. Here we go. Just a short, teensy seven months more of winter.

Tonight a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go on a walk on one of my favorite trails and I jumped at the chance. It couldn’t have been more perfect weather – sunny and about 40 degrees. Well, I mean, sunny and 70 degrees is obviously better, but we have to be realistic.


We talked running. We talked eating. We talked motivation. We talked life. Why is it that there’s something so different and fulfilling about a long talk with a girlfriend? A few miles later we were back where we started, which is one of my favorite views in the world. Every time I’m down here I think I’m the luckiest.


Love. Except the part on the bottom that is the water starting to freeze. But I love the rest.


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One Response to A Wintry Walk

  1. jeszaflik says:

    it is a beautiful view. I often think the same thing when I see the lake. Good job on the realism with the weather. i need to work on my positive thinking.


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