Bald Eagles and Ice Skates: The Weekly Recap

Of course my workouts during the week were my same old boring stuff: treadmill workouts and Tone It Up videos at home. I am incorporating some incline walking at the gym and I’m really liking that.

On Saturday I met up again with my friend Kayse and we headed out on my new favorite path.

I’m still messing with my layering as I get used to the cold weather. This week I went with tights on the bottom, and on the top, an Under Armor shirt, a running shirt, and a thicker fleece-lined top. It was about 25 degrees when we started and I definitely could have lived with one less layer on top. The trail took a lot of concentration this week because even though we STILL didn’t have snow, it’s getting pretty icy out.

Highlight of the run? Seeing a bald eagle in the tree! And those white things off in the distance that look like clouds? Those are the mountains. Breathtaking.


Later that day I took the girls ice skating. Ice skating is one of my favorite ways to stay active, but this was the first time we’ve been out this winter, and skating at the pace of a wobbly 5-year-old isn’t exactly a calorie torcher. But it’s something we love to do together, and I know they’ll be skating circles around me someday!


Because there’s no snow, you can see right down into the ice. Kind of trippy. We loved seeing these bubbles frozen under the surface – they looked like bubble jellyfish.


Also, WHAT?




Target, this is a problem.

Coming up on Thursday is the Turkey Trot – can’t wait!

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