Turkey Trot 5K!

As part of my goal this winter to get out and run in the snow, I registered for a Thanksgiving run this year. It was always a family tradition to do a 5K on Thanksgiving morning when I lived in California, and I’ve really missed it.

Unfortunately for my running goals, we STILL haven’t had any snow! Pretty much unheard of in Alaska not to have snow by Thanksgiving. Guess that means I’ll be registering for another one next month!

Race Recap: Skinny Raven Turkey Trot

Before the Race
The race organizers had this nailed this year. Staging for the race was inside at a large convention center downtown, so you could get there nice and early and wait inside where it was warm. We didn’t have to try to time it perfectly so that we weren’t too late for the race, but we weren’t so early that we froze to death. Here’s what it looked like inside – the race started outside but ended inside. Awesome, huh? We got there about a half hour early, did gear check with our winter coats, and hung around, stretched, and visited. Another bonus of indoor staging? Real bathrooms! 🙂


The organizers did have to cajole a little to get everyone outside to start the race though – ha ha. We all wanted to keep hanging out inside where it was warm!


Waiting until the last possible moment to go outside.


During the Race



This was a relatively flat, easy course with some beautiful views of the water. My Garmin died before I even got to the starting line (boo!!!!), so I had no idea of our pace. It was my first winter race anyway, so I just wanted to focus on not slipping on the icy roads, and enjoying everyone out getting exercise with their families on Thanksgiving!

After the Race


Hanging out by the finishing chute, taking blurry selfies.



LOVED finishing inside! It was a little bit toasty warm by the time we were done running, but nice to hang out and visit without freezing to death.


Ready to head home and make up for those lost calories!

Our finishing time was 30:12. I was hoping to come in under 30 minutes, but considering this was my first winter race, I didn’t have a watch, and I didn’t see any mile markers, I’ll take it!

Overall, I LOVED the organization of this race, the course, and the vibe of the crowd. Definitely doing it again next year!



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