A Lake All To Myself: Weekly Recap

Four days off of work, where do I begin? Such a great weekend full of being active with and without my kids.

When I woke up on Thursday I got dressed for the Turkey Trot. Because it didn’t start until 11am (whoop whoop!), I was wandering around in my running clothes for a good long while. “Are you going running?” my kids asked, as soon as they saw me. “We want to come!” They couldn’t race with me, but how could I say no to that? They tossed their coats and boots on right over their pajamas and we were off on a little one-mile Turkey Trot Jr.!



I had big plans on Friday that included a park trip, going up to our cabin to ice skate, and the downtown tree lighting ceremony. I tried to make peace with the fact that it wouldn’t all happen, but we actually managed to fit it all in!

Park date…


Love this park with the view of the mountains.

Cabin trip…
We’ve never gone ice skating at the cabin before, because there’s always too much snow! Here in Anchorage they maintain rinks at several local lakes, so we just stick around and skate in town. But since we haven’t had any snow, the lake was perfect for skating. We had it all to ourselves, and when we got cold, we just went up to sit by the fireplace inside!


Family hockey game!




Such a small boy in such a big world


Time for resting. And bananas.


Moose tracks across the lake. My son wanted to follow them, but I wasn’t comfortable going that far out!

On Saturday a friend and I tried a modified Alaskan “brick workout,” with a 3-mile run followed by ice skating.


Pretty darn amazing.


This is my proud face. An hour of exercise outside, and it snowed the whole time. I don’t know why I’ve put off exercising outside in the winter – it’s actually so much fun! Wish it wouldn’t have taken me five winters to figure that out!


Ever been ice skating? Love it or hate it?

How much snow do you have where you live?

How are you detoxing from all the overeating this weekend (or is this just me)?



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7 Responses to A Lake All To Myself: Weekly Recap

  1. That would be fun to have a lake to yourself and could ice skate until your hearts were content! I have only been to Anchorage once, but such amazing country there, I bet the winters are just as beautiful but like running in an entirely different world. I always thought it would be fun to visit there in the winter and run under the Northern Lights… a girl can dream haha…
    Sounds like you’ve been having some great times with your family, I hope you get lots more winter runs in, I too find running in the winter isn’t so bad as one would think. Sometimes when it’s snowing it can be one of the most peaceful times to run too:)


  2. Katie, it’s so beautiful! I’m so glad you were able to participate in a Thanksgiving run; I think they are so much fun, and the fact that your kiddos were able to enjoy some running time with you is very cool. Your brick workout sounds tough, girl! Way to go! Happy to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend and thanks so much for linking up again this week! Hope you have a great day!

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  3. kristenk says:

    Oh my god, ice skating after a run?!?! That sounds awesome! I am terrible at skating but that sounds like a really fun addition to a workout! Andrew and I just moved here and have literally no winter toys (snow shoes, ice skates, skis, etc.) but we’re dying to try it all out! Where do you go skating in Anchorage? My husband wants to try this weekend!


    • We go all over – any of the lakes that the city maintains. Probably the most common place to skate is down at Westchester Lagoon. Later in the winter they have Family Skate there with music and fire bowls and hot chocolate and stuff – it’s super fun.


      • kristenk says:

        Wow that’s awesome! Are they all safe to skate on now? We might rent skates this weekend but also don’t want to break through the ice.


      • If you check on the city’s website, they measure the depth of the ice at the local lakes and update it weekly. They’re all about 10″ thick which the city still considers “thin,” but people have been slating at the Lagoon for several weeks already.


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