Solstice Means Darkness. And Awesome Hair. (Weekly Recap)

So I call these weekly recaps but it’s occurred to me that really I just usually write about my Saturday workouts. Uh, sorry. It’s really because there’s nothing notable about my mid-week workouts. They’re all morning workouts so it’s lots of treadmill time and strength work. Pretty soon I’ll be posting a review of my favorite new strength training app though!

Anyway, this week I skipped a few workouts this week due to being generally unmotivated busy at work and sick with a cold. I think I did one day of strength training at home and one day of walking on the incline at the gym.

But…. luckily Saturday rolled around and it was time for my weekly run/skate morning workout! I’m lucky to have a no-excuses workout buddy, and even though it was dark and cold when we started out, it got done! I knew the day was meant to be awesome when I started off with hair like this (AFTER pinning back with bobby pins AND a headband).


When I was at the Turkey Trot a few weeks ago, I noticed some women running in fleece skirts. Since I finished getting ready at 9:06 and I didn’t have to leave until 9:15, I figured I had time to whip one up. I found the most random fleece in my collection for my prototype, and BAM! A little extra warmth for the coldest temps yet!


Our original plan was to run at 9:00, which is still pitch-black darkness here. Luckily we were able to bump it to 9:30 so that it was just dusky, finishing up the run portion at about 10:15 with a gorgeous sunrise. The Winter Solstice is this weekend, meaning it’s our darkest time of the year. I know the darkness can be miserable, but I try to just mentally find things to enjoy – when else do you get to exercise at sunrise?

Here we go at about 10:30, transitioning to our skate. Still so dusky! But gorgeous…


The whole time we were skating this morning we kept saying, “Isn’t this gorgeous? This is so pretty. I can’t believe we live here. This is the best way to start a weekend.” For sure so obnoxious. But seriously.


Then later today my youngest asked if she could paint a rock. I absentmindedly said yes and all of the sudden she was walking in from outside with this giant planter bowl full of snowy rocks. *sigh* This child. Think she’s a little excited about her plan?


Thoughts on fleece skirts for cold weather running?

How many days off do you get this week from work for the holidays?

Any races coming up before the end of the year?

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One Response to Solstice Means Darkness. And Awesome Hair. (Weekly Recap)

  1. kristenk says:

    For real though, I am constantly saying “I can’t believe I live here!” every single time I’m outside! Good to know it won’t go away in a few years 🙂 Also, I’m still super jealous of your run/skate workout. I really need to learn how to skate! Every time I run at Westchester Lagoon I’m so jealous of all the ice skaters and skiers!


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