14 Favorite Fitness Moments and Outdoor Adventures of 2014!

My year of fitness was incredibly varied this year, with some new sports, new races, and just a generally new outlook on exercise in general. Here are my 14 favorite fitness moments and outdoor adventures!

1. New Year’s Day Cross Country Ski
I love that my kids are getting old enough to exercise with us! On New Year’s Day, my husband and I left my littlest with a babysitter and took the two bigger kids out to ski our favorite trail. We had so much fun together, and it really got me excited about the years ahead that we have to share hobbies with our kids!

2. Spring Break 2014

Spring Break brought another opportunity to share my new love of cross country skiing with my family. My dad, stepmom, and sister came up from California and we enjoyed a few fun days of skiing together. I love that my family is always up for a fitness adventure! On this particular day, we had me, my husband, and two aunts in addition to our San Diego crew. So fun!

3. My Kids’ First Triathlon

My kids saw me training for my first triathlon and decided they wanted in on the fun! A local elementary school puts on a triathlon for kids, and my oldest two took on the challenge! It took some scrambling, but we managed to see both kids swim, bike, and run their way to their first triathlon finish! I was bursting with pride – both because they finished the race, and because they each did it in their own way. They didn’t care about any outside expectations – they did their own thing, which was such an inspiration to me two weeks later, when it was finally time for….

4. My First Triathlon

This was definitely my favorite race of the year. Seeing women of all ages, shapes, and sizes come together to conquer a 3-sport race was incredibly humbling and inspiring. I have so much room for improvement, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in this sport!

5. Our Summer Vacation

We had an amazing opportunity this summer to spend a few weeks in San Diego, and then another week traveling around Southern Utah. Lots of runs with family, swim workouts, walks, and hikes – all with my very favorites!

6. First Day Hike

I feel so fortunate to have friends with a sense of adventure, who are knowledgeable about all that Alaska has to offer. There are so many downsides to living here – it is HARD to deal with the long winters and being so far from family. But moments like this make it worth it.

7. Time at the Cabin

We spent tons of time at our family’s cabin this summer, which is normally a recipe for disaster – laziness and tons of junk food! But this year I registered for a 10K at the end of the summer to keep me focused and get me out there running! I was super proud of myself that I got out and ran several times each week. That didn’t really help with the overeating part, but…. there’s always next year!

8. Adventures in Rowing

A few times when I didn’t get out for a run, I made time in the evenings for a row around the lake. My form needs serious help, but it was a fun new way to get my heart rate up and get some arm work in at the same time. And you really can’t beat the view!

9. Workouts with My Girl

My older daughter and I had so many great workouts together this year, particularly at the cabin. We ran together, biked together, she biked while I ran… and we always had a great time. I can talk to this girl for hours – she is such great company.

10. Family Hikes

We made it a goal this summer to get out and try some hikes this summer with the kids and explore a little bit more. We…. didn’t do that great. But we made it out a few times, and this was one of my favorites – a rainy-day drive and walk around an abandoned gold mine.

11. Alaska 10K Classic

I hadn’t run a 10K in years… maybe never? It was the perfect distance. Challenging enough that I had to stay on track with my running, easy enough that it didn’t take over my summer. The only bummer was that I didn’t know a single person there, running or spectating, so it was a little lonely. Next year I’ll remedy that and recruit some of my running buddies to come with me, because this baby was a fun one.

12. Creek Walk

One night after dinner while my dad and stepmom were visiting, we went on an impromptu walk after dinner one night. The sun was shining, the kids were happy, the company was great, and the scenery was beautiful.

13. Ice Skating at the Cabin

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we went back up to our family’s cabin, this time to ice skate. For a few hours, we skated, explored, and played hockey together. It was easy to feel like we were the only ones in this Alaskan wilderness.

14. Winter Running!

My goal this winter was to get outside and run in the snow, and so far I’m actually doing it! Winter #5 up here and I’m finally making it happen this year. Never give up on your goals!

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