The Trail that Anchors Me to Alaska: Weekly Recap

Okay, back on track this week with working out. Normally I get up every morning to work out, because previously when I only did it a few mornings a week, it wreaked havoc on my sleeping schedule and I found it was easier just to get up every day. This week when I scheduled my workouts (one of my best strategies for staying on track), I decided that if I got up for my workouts every morning, I could sleep in and take Friday off. If I skipped one, Friday would serve as my make-up day.

This worked pretty well! I got up and did cardio at the gym on Monday, and then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were arm, ab, and leg strength training at home. I got in a mini cardio workout when I skied with my daughter’s class on Tuesday, and then a longer ski workout on Saturday. I really need to be running more often, but we haven’t had any good snow, so I’m just enjoying the skiing now that we actually have some. Cross country skiing is such a great full-body, low-impact workout. I love having the option to use that for cardio in the winter (but sometimes I feel like I’m cheating on running!).

On Saturday’s ski adventure, I was determined to ski my favorite trail, which is actually the trail that made me decide that I couldn’t move back to California. With a view of the trees, the mountains, and the ocean, I fell in love with skiing this trail a few years ago. Now I can’t imagine going back to Southern California, and my daily exercise consisting of weaving in and out on crowded suburban sidewalks, dodging trashcans and tricycles.


On Sunday, I crossed my first New Years’ Resolution off my list, which was to participate in a new kind of race. I did the Ski 4 Women, and it was so much fun! Since this is my first year, I did the untimed “party wave,” but it was pretty casual, and I think next year I can do a timed wave even though I’m not world’s best skier. Both Saturday and Sunday were absolutely gorgeous, with lots of sun and beautiful views.


In other news, it was our anniversary on Saturday, and we had a delicious meal. The appetizers sounded better than the entrees for me (typical), so we shared two appetizers and then I had two more for my dinner! They were pretty small appetizer portions so it was a great amount of food without lots of heavy carbs, and I got to try lots of different things! When we came home, the kids were playing hide and seek with the babysitter….


…. and then we watched our wedding video before sending the kids off to bed.


Looking forward to this week – going to try to get more cardio in but we will see. My motivation has not been at its best lately. I don’t have my morning workout buddies anymore, so getting up and leaving to go to the gym in the freezing darkness has not been happening as much as it should….

Linking up this week with Motivate Me Monday on Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel.

Tell me….
*Work out with friends or work out alone?
*Do you ever feel guilty when you’re not running for your cardio?

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