Moose and Skiing: An Alaskan Weekly Recap

Argh, I missed a week. Oh well. Forgive me? Back to linking up with Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel for #MotivateMeMonday. On Tuesday (night). Sigh.

These past few weeks have been busy ones. Thank goodness my kids remind me to stop and enjoy life – to do things that I otherwise normally wouldn’t. To remind me that we should walk to my Grandma and Grandpa’s when it’s sunny and “warm” outside, and not always drive the few blocks.


We had a visitor in the neighborhood this week. We saw this guy a couple of times in the neighbors’ yards, eating leaves and branches. I thought for a minute he was going to follow us along to school! Moose in the residential neighborhoods are a fairly common sight here, but it still never gets old to me to see a rather huge wild animal just hanging out in my yard.


Some unexpected changes to plans caused me to try out a new running trail on Saturday. Well, not new new – I’ve run it many times in the summer. But this was my first time in the winter. It was gorgeous and my aunt and I chatted and enjoyed the view. It was one of those runs where we couldn’t believe we’d already gone 2 miles and figured we should turn back. Don’t you love those, instead of the ones where you feel like you should be done already and you’ve gone like .68 miles? Am I also the only one who looks like a man in caps like this?

IMG_5519 IMG_5520

Monday, the kids and I had school off for President’s Day, and we wanted to take the kids out cross country skiing. I took advantage of the day off and slept in, then skied with the kids, and then spent some time with my dad and stepmom who are in town from California. It didn’t leave time for my normal cardio workout, and I spent too much of the morning mad at myself for skipping a workout. I tried to talk myself down from the guilty thoughts – I should’ve gotten up earlier and gone to the gym, I shouldn’t have run that errand – that would have left time for a quick run outside. And so on. I love being on track with my workouts, but I hate that then I get into this mindset that they have to happen. I’m striving for a place of balance. Not quite there yet.

But I had fun skiing with my kiddos. The snow was better than it has been in several months, and with warmer weather and rain in the forecast all week, this was probably our last day to get out and enjoy some decent skiing for a while.

IMG_5534 IMG_5528

I’ve lost my morning workout buddies recently, which makes it even more challenging to get up early and work out. I made a new deal with myself that Friday is my sleep-in day, unless I miss a Monday-Thursday workout, and then I’ll make it up on Friday morning. Keeping my Fridays available to sleep an extra hour has been a pretty powerful motivator to wake up early the other 4 days in the work week! ***says the girl who didn’t work out yesterday. Or today…*** Oh well. Back on it tomorrow!

What tips and tricks do you use to keep the motivation going?

Ever seen a moose? 🙂

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One Response to Moose and Skiing: An Alaskan Weekly Recap

  1. kristenk says:

    I’ve seen a moose 😉 I’m jealous of your skiing adventures though! I’ve been dying to get skis but we’re trying to start off with cheaper items first. We got snowshoes on clearance last weekend and we’re dying to use them, but have no idea where we can do that now since everything is all semi-melted and icy!


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