5 Races to Try in Anchorage in 2015

Today I’m linking up for the Friday Five with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney, and the topic is 5 Races to Run in 2015! Some of the races on my schedule this year are ones I’ve done before, but I’m planning to try a lot of new ones this year as well! Here are my favorites my city has to offer:

1) The Gold Nugget Triathlon


This was far and away my favorite race of last year. It’s one of those races where the spirit and the vibe of the racers and the volunteers is awe-inspiring. All-women and geared toward beginners, there is nothing but support and love! From 9-year-old girls to 85-year-old women, from beginning athletes to women more fit than I’ll ever dream of being, this was truly a race where you saw a little bit of everything, and it was beautiful. This was my first triathlon ever, and one I’ll definitely be returning to (especially since I won a guaranteed entry slot for this year – yay!). Now if only I could figure out how to solve the problem of it being double-booked with my youngest daughter’s first dance recital…

2) Lost Lake Run

I’m still hoping to do an ultra this year, and if it happens, I definitely want to do Lost Lake for the first time as a training run. It’s 17 miles of gorgeous Alaskan scenery, and proceeds benefit Cystic Fibrosis, a cause near to my heart. This is one that sells out in under an hour, so I’ve gotta be quick if I’m going to do it!

3) The Big Wild Life Run series


This is a run series that includes everything from a kids’ run to a 49K. Not sure what I’ll be running this year, but I’ll definitely be running something. This is another race series that just has a great vibe to it – the weekend starts with a showing of a running movie here at a local theater, with runners like Jeff Galloway and this year Bart Yasso on hand to answer questions and lead some group runs. The race series goes through the weekend, with lots to watch and run! My kids LOVE the kids’ race, and I have a soft spot for this series since last year I ran my 5K PR here! Thinking this year I might try the Anchorage Mile. I’ve never done a mile race, but it might be fun to see how fast I could push myself for such a short distance!

4) Alaska 10K Classic


The 10K is a great distance – long enough to make sure I train, short enough that the misery’s not too lengthy. This run has an awesome t-shirt design, root beer floats afterwards, and benefits Special Olympics. What more could I ask for?

5) The Resolution Run

This was a new run to Anchorage this year, held on New Year’s Eve. More of a fun run than a race, it had glow sticks and other glowing gear in the swag bags, and several light features along the course. I wanted to run it this year, but the weather was warm, the ice was slick, and I hadn’t yet studded my shoes. But everyone I knew that ran it had rave reviews, so 2015 for sure.

Am I the only one who takes t-shirt design and other swag into consideration when registering?

Even run a mile race before?

Any runs your town is famous for?

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16 Responses to 5 Races to Try in Anchorage in 2015

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Wow, I can’t even imagine racing in Alaska, it must be so beautiful! I would LOVE to make it up there someday!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi from the Friday Five Linkup. Nice to read your blog and get ideas for a future Alaska race (I am doing the 50 states challenge) 🙂


  3. The Resolution Run sounds super fun! Our local racing series includes a mile race; it is flat, fast and always lots of fun. I have to say, a mile never felt so long – ha! 😉 My city’s marathon (the Little Rock Marathon) is famous for the largest marathon medals in the country. Thanks for sharing your race faves and I hope you have a great weekend!


  4. that tri sounds awesome! and hello, root beer floats after a race! yum!!


  5. Aimee says:

    I absolutely take swag into consideration when deciding what runs to sign up for. Those were actually key factors in determining #1 and #2 on my own list of races. 🙂 the Gold Nugget Sprint Triathlon sounds like a really cool event. #fridayfive


  6. o my root beer floats after race?! YES! I need an Alaska race for my 50 states goal so gotta start thinking!


  7. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be to run up there in Alaska!


  8. mkwinchester says:

    This is great, Katie! My husband and I are planning a trip to Alaska. I’m going to check out the Alaska 10K Classic! You got me at Root Beer Float!


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