So, lately….

I’m never going to be that blogger that updates regularly. I wish I was. But…. here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Spring Break
Here in Alaska, we get out of school really early, so we also have an early Spring Break, usually around the first week of March. This year we spent some of it with my dad and stepmom at their cabin. The ice on the lake freezes so thick that there are roads across the lake, complete with intersections and even a mailbox! There is a restaurant on an island, and in the summer you can only take a boat there, but in the winter you can drive right across the lake!


We got out and looked at some of the cabins that were for sale. Again, this is us walking and driving on the frozen lake.

IMG_5616 IMG_5619

My Birthday
For my birthday, I got this awesome running windbreaker complete with baby mittens for when I almost scratch myself with my flailing hands. OR, for when my hands are cold when I start but not cold enough to bring gloves. Either one.

I also got this picture from my Kindergartener. Try not to be jealous.

IMG_5541 IMG_5546

So there’s some catchup. Now you know what you were missing the past few weeks!

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