Will I or Won’t I?

Hmmmm…. There’s a race registration tomorrow at 6am that I’m going to try for. Side note: too early? Too early, I say. 6am?!?! Anyway, last year it sold out in about 40 minutes, but I’ve talked to tons more people who want to do it this year, so I bet it’ll be less than half of that. I’d love to get in, but it’s a new race for me, so I don’t have my heart set on it. BUT, it’s 16 miles, so if I DO get in, it’ll be the kingpin of my racing schedule this summer, and affect everything else I do or don’t do. So….

I JUST WANT TO KNOW! I’m so antsy to plan the rest of my race schedule.


On another note, April Fool’s Day is also tomorrow (hoping the race registration fellows don’t think of any hilarious pranks like moving the registration to 9am). My kids think they like pranks, but then they get oddly traumatized by them. I think they’ll like this one though…

IMG_5997-0Happy April Fools Day tomorrow!

What’s the fastest-selling-out race that you try for? How fast does it sell out?

Raise your hand if you think I’ll sleep well tonight. Nobody?

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2 Responses to Will I or Won’t I?

  1. runsaltrun says:

    Your fridge!!! That’s so hilarious!! 😀 I can’t wait until my daughter is a little older so I can really prank her. 🙂
    So did you register this morning??


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