Spring and Moose Are in the Air: Weekly Recap

Started off the week with lots of family in town for some special occasions, and I was able to get in a run with some of my fave running buddies. This lake is a few miles from my house, and I love to use it as a halfway point – just stop and admire. Right now it all looks brown and ugly, but give us one more week….


On the way back we saw this little moosey eating some branches. Don’t worry – we stayed far away and watched for signs of moosey distress.

IMG_6253I suddenly realized that my triathlon is coming up FAST and I haven’t been out on my bike much at all. I’ve been biking at the gym, but my first long bike ride of the season was a painful reminder that that is NOT the same. I’ve been “cramming” for my bike training and it’s going okay. I know this tri isn’t going to be faster than my last, and that’s disappointing. But my main goal this year is to beat my bike time from last year. We’ll see.

I was able to stash my kids at my grandparents’ house yesterday and go out for a bike ride with my husband for the first time. It was so much fun to have the company, and he gave me some great tips!

IMG_6189 IMG_6330

This is my turn-around point. Can’t wait to see this view in the summer once everything is green again.


My husband and I have been talking forever about going out together, but it’s hard to make the logistics happen. But I have been seeing multiple moose every time I’ve been out on this trail, and it makes me so nervous to be by myself. This is the one I saw last week on the same trail.


Just sitting there by the side of the road. She was there both on my way out and my way back – apparently not bothered by the huge amounts of walkers, runners, and bikers out that evening. She’ll lay where she wants to, thankyouverymuch.

The highlight of my week was an unplanned outdoor morning run on Thursday. I normally go to the gym when I do my morning workouts, but when I walked outside on Thursday, it was so sunny and gorgeous, and the air was fresh with the smell of overnight rain… I immediately scrapped my plans for a treadmill workout and did some nice easy miles outside. It was gorgeous.



I finished out the week with a few hours of classroom purging in anticipation of switching rooms this summer. The highlight was finding a Russian magazine with a picture of a boy snuggled up in a giant fossil (?). So random.

IMG_6324 IMG_6326

Saturday brought a nice long bike/run workout almost the same distance as my race, followed my some basking on the back porch with my girls. My youngest brought out a tub of blueberries, and I swear they were the best post-workout snack I’ve ever had (I don’t even LIKE blueberries).


My feelings about my upcoming tri are conflicted, and more for another post on another day, but overall I had a great week of workouts. Looking forward to my race next weekend!

Linking up with Running N ReadingΒ and #MotivateMeMonday at Fitness Cheerleader and Running Rachel!

*Fave post-workout snack?

*Is it this brown and gross where you are, or is it green already?

*Does wildlife on the trail scare you, or am I the only baby?

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14 Responses to Spring and Moose Are in the Air: Weekly Recap

  1. Kelli says:

    It is green here now, after a cold spring. That means pollen everywhere, ugh. I’m more afraid of cars on the road than wildlife. That said, we don’t have anything as big as moose around (white-tailed deer probably our biggest). I agree with you that riding outdoors is very different than on the trainer or stationary bike. It took me a while to get used to climbing hills again. Good luck with your tri training!


  2. Lush and green in Vancouver – but it’s kind of always that way. The rainy winters are the (small) price we pay. I love that you see moose on your runs! The best we get here are Canada Geese, the odd raccoon, and I saw an owl once! Oh and also a coyote – but when they’re close to civilization, you worry that they’re rabid.

    If I’m in shorts, the geese scare me the most.

    This is my first Weekend Update Linkup! Good luck on your tri!!


  3. Kelly says:

    My absolute favorite thing about your blog is the pictures of the scenery. πŸ™‚ so beautiful! Even if brown! Here in Rochester, we are fully green at this point, but the views aren’t nearly so nice.
    Great week of workouts!!


  4. Wow you have some beautiful places to run and bike. I’m from Mississippi and the wildlife we have to deal with is dodging roadkill and the curious squirrels sometimes they play chicken with me, thankfully I’ve always won, lol. It’s summertime here or at least temp and humidity wise. My favorite post workout snack in chocolate milk! πŸ™‚


  5. Oh, goodness…I see quite a bit of wildlife on many of my runs, but I’m pretty sure that moose would have set me back a bit – whoa! That is amazing and also kind of scary! I love all of your pictures; such amazing scenery, even if it is still brown. Things are really green around here now; we’ve had a ton of rain and quite a bit of sunshine in between the showers, so things are definitely springing up. I can’t believe you don’t like blueberries, but I’m glad they made a nice post-workout treat for you! I think my favorite is a cold smoothie; I like cold, frothy drinks (could be beer? ha!) after my workouts! Thanks so much for linking up today!


  6. It’s very very green here (DC area) and warm and humid.

    I’ve never seen a moose – in a zoo or on a trail! I’ve seen a fox run across and it scared me for a moment. I saw a bobcat (or some type of wild mountain cat) at our hotel in Arizona though!


  7. Tons of green in Chicago but the pollen is out of control! Curious…is your tri swim outdoors? Brrr…


  8. Wow, what a fantastic week! Wildlife scares me too. When I was cycling on Saturday morning a Coyote ran across the road from one field into another in front of me, it terrified me and I would have turned around to go home only I couldn’t figure out how to unclip from my pedals. Good luck in your upcoming tri!


  9. Gorgeous photos! I didn’t face the moose and so I think its exciting! I’m terrified of the dogs I see on my bike route, especially as a newbie to clipless.


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