Moose on a Trail Run, Mt. McKinley, AND a 5K PR!: Weekly Recap

This week was a great one for running. Since I’m a teacher, I feel so grateful to have all this unscheduled time in the summer to work out whenever I feel like it. This week I’m linking up with Running N Reading for a Weekly Recap.

The first exciting development is that I’ve started running with a weekly trail running group in preparation for a 15-mile trail run that I’m signed up for in August. We run on stunningly beautiful trails, and it’s nice to have the company, since the risk of getting injured by wildlife is very real here in Alaska. This past week we saw four different moose during our run, two of them being a mama and a brand new baby! Moose are kind of like bears, in that they can be very aggressive when protecting their young, so for me it was pretty scary to pass them, but we didn’t have much choice in the matter. This picture is hard to see – I wanted to snap one to show my kids, but obviously not when we were TOO close!

Also this week we traveled for a family vacation to Talkeetna, Alaska. Talkeetna is a teeny little town outside of Denali National Park. We enjoyed blissfully warm weather, delicious food, and some great family time.

     We were also lucky enough to get a gorgeous view of Mt. McKinley (known to most Alaskans as Denali). Many times it is obscured by clouds, but the day we were there, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. This first picture is my favorite, because if you enlarge it, you can see regular-size mountains all the way to the left (the tiny bluish ones), which helps to really understand the scale of Mt. McKinley. The regular mountains look like nothing compared to the Alaska Range (with Mt. McKinley all the way to the right).

   I finished off the week with an awesome race at the Skinny Mini 6K. Named after a running store in town, the Twilight 12K/Skinny Mini 6K is a hugely popular race held each summer in the evening hours, and then followed by beer and pizza from a local restaurant on downtown’s Park Strip. I’ve never done this one before, since we are usually in California in June, but since we’re staying home this summer, I couldn’t wait to try it!

My main goal for the race was to not puke, since I had fueled myself with pizza for lunch, two Dr Peppers, and numerous homemade donut holes consumed while celebrating National Donut Day with my kids. Not only did I not puke, I actually managed a 5K PR! Since the race was a little longer than 5K, I made sure to mark a lap on my Garmin at 3.1, which was at 27:10, beating my previous 5K PR by about 25 seconds. I was 27th out of 221 for my age group, I felt fantastic, and can’t wait to do the race again next year! I went all by myself, so my only pic is a grainy one from the race! 😦


Finally, I’ve been enjoying some time with this kiddo. He’s been aching to be outside every day, so we did a walk today, and earlier in the week he rode his scooter while I ran. Like every kid, he does a lot of sprinting, followed by walking, so I called it an interval workout and enjoyed every minute!
    Have a great week!

*What was your best post-run afterparty?

*Ever run an evening race?

*Is Denali on your bucket list?

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13 Responses to Moose on a Trail Run, Mt. McKinley, AND a 5K PR!: Weekly Recap

  1. Simply beautiful! You get moose, I get gators here in Florida! I am not a huge fan of night races, for me it is hard to get the timing right on eating but it is fun to mix it up now and then. Congrats on the PR, your are off to a great summer!


  2. Congrats on your PR! I haven’t done an evening race – fueling for anything that’s not an early start is tough.

    The pic of Denali reminds me of seeing the mountains in Seattle – they just don’t look real!

    (wow, you can still wear jackets)


  3. Lesley says:

    My parents have moose in Grand Lake, CO, and they just walk through the town and neighborhoods. We’re all aware of when they’re there and to be quiet when we see them.


  4. Dapinder says:

    Gorgeous pictures – Wow those moose were really close! Congrats on your PR!! You go girl!


  5. kristenk says:

    Whoa this is an awesome post! Congrats on the 6k! What trail running group did you join? I really want to get into trail running but definitely don’t want to do it alone with all of the moose/bears. And I’m so jealous of your Denali pics! I was up there a few weeks ago and while it was sunny and beautiful, Denali was hiding the whole time 😦


  6. As usual, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! That moose! Wow! So…if I am understanding this correctly, I should have pizza, donut holes and lots of soda before my next race so that I can PR, right?!? 😉 HA! That is AWESOME! Congratulations on a great run! Thanks so much for participating in the link up; hope your Monday is going well.


  7. ‘Risk of injury by wildlife’ – what a world you live in, Alaska!

    Love your race story – and my next recap (tomorrow – stay tuned!) is about an evening run with a great after party! 🙂

    I’ve seen Denali/Mt. McKinley from the air, flying from Japan to Canada. An amazing view! So cool you can see it from ‘ground level’. On a good day, you can see Mt. Baker (in Washington) from the middle of Vancouver, which is pretty cool.


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