About Me

*Fifteen years ago… I joined the cross country team to hang out with all my friends. I started running, and I’ve never stopped. Well, except those three times I was pregnant. And all those other times I was overwhelmed with the children that resulted from said pregnancies. But other than that…


*Four years ago…We got crazy and decided to completely upend life as we knew it. I gave up stay-at-home-motherhood and went back to work as a teacher, and my husband gave up the chef life to go to nursing school. And just for an added dose of change, we moved from San Diego to Alaska. Because if you’re gonna change one thing, just completely change it all.


*Two years ago… I got brave and branched out from running. So far I’ve added Zumba, cross-country skiing, Jillian, boot camp, and triathlons, and I’m not done yet.


*Presently… I’m just trying to find time to stay fit and healthy, incorporate lots of activity and adventure into my kids’ lives, and blog it all for you in the meantime. Here you’ll find my thoughts on health and fitness, mediocre efforts at weight loss, race reports and gear reviews, and gratuitous pictures of our adventures in the amazingly beautiful state of Alaska. And I also constantly try to make everyone on Earth move here so I can have more buddies. So be ready for that too.


Come hang out on Facebook! And when you’ve made your way through Run Wild in Alaska, check out my other blog, Simply Clean Living, where I blog about motherhood, home organization in a small house, kids’ parties, recipes, and more!

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