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14 Favorite Fitness Moments and Outdoor Adventures of 2014!

My year of fitness was incredibly varied this year, with some new sports, new races, and just a generally new outlook on exercise in general. Here are my 14 favorite fitness moments and outdoor adventures! 1. New Year’s Day Cross … Continue reading

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Best 50K for Beginners?

So when I was running with my dad on my vacation last week, he started out our conversation like this, “I’ve been wanting to talk to you girls about something for a little while now. I wasn’t sure if I’d … Continue reading

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Proudest Fitness Moments!

This week’s Dish the Fit is about our Proudest Fitness Accomplishments. Of course my thoughts immediately went to running, but I tried to branch out at least a little bit! Here they are, in no particular order…. Sub-28 minute 5K … Continue reading

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Abstainers versus Moderators

I recently read this article by Gretchen Rubin on Moderators and Abstainers, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot in relationship to my health and¬†goals, namely to give up candy. Basically, the gist of the article is that you … Continue reading

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Update on the Candy Challenge

About a month ago, I decided I was going to try to give up candy for a few weeks going into Halloween. Here’s an update: I failed. Many times. Like, daily. Several times I made it for two days in … Continue reading

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Studs and Snow

So I’ve been feeling a little bit aimless lately in my workouts. I thought about registering for a 4K fun run this Saturday, but $30 seemed kind of pricey¬†for a run that involved stopping to trick-or-treat every kilometer. I love … Continue reading

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