Must-Do American Road Trip: Weekly Recap

Happy Easter! Well, okay, a week ago. But their outfits are so cute, right?


We have been having the most bizarro weather here in Alaska. Blazing sunlight, snowfall, wind, rain – on a daily basis. It’s strange. Normally we are still waist-deep in snow at this point of the year, so it’s really nice to have the clear roads and sunshine. But then every once in a while it’s like Alaska remembers it’s still supposed to be winter and it dumps some snow. So weird.


I’ve been having some foot pain lately, so I’m at the tail end of a two-week break from running to try to rest it. I think it worked – I did an easy 3.5 mile jog/walk on Saturday and things felt great. Fingers crossed. I’m getting sick of the bike. Not sure I’ll have my best ever triathlon time in a month, but my big focus is on staying injury-free for my trail run in August. Oh, I got in, by the way. Can’t wait! It’s supposed to be just stunningly beautiful.

I’ve been lap swimming every Saturday with my daughter. She has a kids’ triathlon coming up in a few weeks and really wants to do the swim portion without a life jacket. She’s a good swimmer, just lacks confidence. It’s so hard here in Alaska to get kids enough practice with their swimming, since it’s generally too cold to swim outside, which leaves paying for the city pool or hotel pool swimming as pretty much their only opportunities.


After I swam a few laps with her, I did my 10 practice laps, and shaved a full minute off last week’s time, which was also my swim leg time last year in the actual race. I was soooo happy and proud of myself, but when I got home… disaster! My Garmin was totally dead! I stupidly assumed that since “swimming” was a choice for workout type, that I could take it in the water. I’ve always had it on during my swims and never had a problem, but I think the added time in there swimming with my daughter just made it too long.

Garmin charges a flat $60 repair rate, so we figured we’d see what we could do at home first. We pretended it was a cell phone and stuck it in a bag of rice overnight, and voila! Worked perfectly the next day! Whew! Not sure what I’m going to do about timing my swim splits now, but at least I’ve got the Garmin working again.

So yesterday we took the kids on such a fun adventure. We drove out the Seward Highway and stopped at several lookout points.

At the first one we looked at the ocean, and saw some Dall sheep up in the mountains.

IMG_6076 IMG_6079 IMG_6080

At the next one we just ran all over the trails and played on the beluga whale statues.

IMG_6084 IMG_6085

IMG_6086 IMG_6088

IMG_6089 IMG_6092

At our last stop, we hiked a little, had a picnic, played some tag, and spent some time on the universal kid pastime of throwing rocks in water. What is it that makes this so compelling?

IMG_6107 IMG_6108 IMG_6114 IMG_6118 IMG_6119 IMG_6121

It was so funny – on my Yahoo news feed tonight, up pops this article about the 5 Must-Do American Road Trips, and the cover picture looked awfully familiar. Yep, sure enough. Our short little Sunday drive was on the list! We love living here – it is such an awesome adventure.

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Best road trip in your neck of the woods?

Is it winter, spring, or already summer where you live?

Why do kids throw rocks in water?

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